We all want to be healthy, but sometimes finding time to exercise isn't so easy.

So here are some simple ways you can improve your heart health that require no gym  time at all.

  • Jacob Wackerhausen
    Jacob Wackerhausen

    Rest Up

    Getting plenty of sleep can do wonders for your heart.

    Giving that hard working muscle time to wind down and relax each night is very important. So next time you want to watch just one more episode of that show you're binge watching...turn the TV off instead.

    Getting that extra bit of sleep can do wonders for your health and mood.

    Adults are encouraged to get at least seven hours each night.

  • Viktor Fischer
    Viktor Fischer

    Eat More Fruit

    A healthy diet goes a long way with your heart.

    Cutting down on sugary fruit juices and eating more actual fruit can make a huge difference in your overall health and the health of your heart.

    People drink way too many calories these days, from juices to coffee drinks and everything in between.

    Doctors say getting back to eating real fruits and vegetables will cut down on your sugar intake and boost the amount of fiber you get each day.

  • TongRo Image Stock
    TongRo Image Stock

    Sit Less

    Just because you don't have time to hit the gym, doesn't mean you can't get yourself moving.

    Stuck in the office all day? Set a timer on your phone once an hour to signal to yourself it's time to get off your butt! (or get a fitness app that'll give you a heads up to move)

    When the timer goes off, take a lap around the building, stand up and stretch or even take a few trips up and down the office stairs.

    Just something to break up all the sitting you do all day and make your heart work, even just a little bit.

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