I know we have some non-believers out there who think, how does she know that? I, myself, have wondered the same thing each and every time Maureen has come into Fun 107 to do on-air readings with our listeners. She pulls information and peoples' names out of nowhere for these callers and it is just unbelievable to watch and hear her do it.

With recent reports of Long Island Medium, Therese Caputo, being a fraud I was a bit concerned that our listeners may start to lose faith in Maureen's ability. Some fans of Caputo's are accusing her of using tricks to create a better show and that she has already been fed information about the families she is going to do readings for. I can assure you that Maureen has not been giving information about our listeners prior to their phone calls. All of our calls are taken live that morning and are not pre-recorded. Maureen is the real deal and still amazes me visit after visit and show after show.

My wife and her sister came into the station this morning for a reading with Maureen off the air and what she told them left them speechless and amazed. They were able connect and receive messages from their mother. Watch the video below:

Thanks again Maureen for your Postcards From Heaven. If you would like to see Maureen Hancock live and in person be sure to get your tickets while they are still available. Her "Postcards From Heaven" show will be at the Zeiterion on Thursday, June 12 and you do not want to miss it!