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Watch Maureen Hancock Readings
Mother's Day is a joyous day for most Americans, but the holiday comes with heartache for too many who have lost their mother at a young age.  Maureen Hancock joined the Michael Rock show earlier this week to give readings to people who will spend this Mother's Day with their mom in h…
Maureen Hancock
It has been a year since the loss of Jenelle "Nelly" Eaton of Fall River, but her loved ones certainly felt her presence at Maureen Hancock's show last week.
Meet & Greet Photos
Maureen Hancock's November 3rd show had back-to-back incredible readings- some stories of which our community have been touched by this past year.
Maureen Hancock
Maureen Hancock shocked local listener's on the Rock & Fox Show with Live Readings with loved ones of the past.
Maureen Hancock Returns
For years Maureen Hancock has performed across the country, bringing her brand of comedy-meets-closure to fans young and old. We've got your chance to see here again when she performs at the Venus de Milo this November.
What to Expect
It may be your first time or it may be your tenth time- whatever the case, here's what you'll need to know about going to Maureen Hancock's Postcards from Heaven show on Thursday at Venus de Milo in Swansea.

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