Matt Lauer was on his way home from the Golden Globes when he asked to switch seats to get away from a passenger who kept on talking to him. Both Matt Lauer and his co-star Natalie Morales were on a flight home when a passenger sitting next to Lauer, kept on telling him about how he just came from an all day funeral. Lauer, who just wanted to sleep, asked the a flight attendant, "Is this a full flight?" Since they were on the red-eye from LAX to New York, I'm sure he already knew it was going to be a full flight but asked to see if anything can be done about his sitting. Thankfully for Lauer, a passenger who was sitting right next to Natalie Morales overheard and allowed him to switch seats.

“Lauer wanted to move to two empty seats so he could stretch out, but the flight attendants had just upgraded two people from coach,” said a source from pagesix. “He sat down next to Natalie, put a blanket over his head and slept the whole way.”

If it was me, I would just listen to the guy talk about the funeral. He probably had a hard day and was looking for someone to talk to. Better to do that then switching seats and making a scene, in my opinion.

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