Someone has really been shaking it off!

Ronnie Brower weighed a whopping 675 pounds two years ago, and his doctor told him that if he did not make healthier choices, he would be dead within 10 years.

But thanks to the hard work, dedication, intense workouts, and some motivation from Taylor Swift, Ronnie has decreased his weight to 250 pounds! According to Yahoo News, Joe Bufano, Ronnie’s former teacher and friend, promised Ronnie that he would take him to see a live Taylor Swift performance if he lost 400 pounds.

Throughout his transformation, Ronnie listened to Taylor Swift, and now, he has made Joe’s promise come true by reaching his goal of losing 400 pounds. What motivated Ronnie was the messages in her songs, which gave him the sense of happiness and joy. Even though Ronnie has met his weight loss goal, Joe has another goal that he wants Ronnie to accomplish. Joe’s goal is to have Ronnie meet Taylor Swift in person.

Joe hopes that Ronnie will have the opportunity to meet Taylor Swift when they see her in concert in June.

Watch the entire video down below of Ronnie’s weight loss journey.

Contributions By: Sal Lopez