It seemed so simple,  but why hadn't any done it before Taco bell? Doritos Locos Tacos are good, but you have to go out to get them - or do you?


Thankfully for us, most people in America are very bored - us included. This leads to trying things, and that leads to us discovering awesomeness via the internet. We give you the recipe for DIY Doritos Locos Tacos - yes, you can now make them at home.

Jasmin at 1 Fine Cookie is the one who 'cracked the code' on this one. We thank you. She admits that they may not have that same Doritos texture, but the taste is there - which is what's really important.

The recipe involves a bit of work, and a scavenger hunt for ingredients like dehydrated cheese powder, tomato powder and various other powders (it is Doritos, after all) you will be sitting at home enjoying your very own Doritos Tacos. Recipe and instructions here.