Many things in life make me happy. One of those is my fiancée, the other my dog and an easy third is tacos.

My heart skips a beat at least once a week knowing that Taco Tuesday will always be there to lift my spirits on even the darkest of days. If it wasn't for Mexican immigrants back in 1905, America might not have ever had the pleasure of knowing what tacos are.

These days they're as tasty as ever, but the debate lives on: hard or soft shell?

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Unless my taco is made with a corn shell, I can't eat it (gluten problems). Gone are the days of fluffy flour tortillas for me but now and then I'll find a cantina that offers corn meal tortillas. If I had it my way, between soft and hard, I'd choose a combo of the two, with the soft shell as a catching station for when the hard shell inevitably crumbles under pressure.

There are pros and cons to both. Soft tacos are less likely to crumble and absorb the "juices" of the taco meat and toppings, but they lack a crunch. Hard tacos contradict the soft filling for a pleasurable bite each time, yet they break apart far too easily.

I took to Facebook to see what my local friends had to say about it and out of 100 people, 27 preferred hard shells, 36 preferred soft shells and 37 were either undecided or would rather have both together.

No matter what, a taco is a taco. You know it's going to be good. As far as the toppings are concerned, that's a whole different story for a different day. Let's just agree that all taco shells are delicious and call it a day.

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