Today's the day that our very own Loren Petisce gets her new set of eyes! Now, when you are heading in for surgery there are always different rules or requirements that you have to follow, leading up to the big moment. For example, Loren's had to wear her glasses for the past two weeks to prepare.

Another one of the stipulations she received was that on the day of her Lasik procedure she was to not wear any eye makeup. Well, if you know anything about Loren it's that there are a few things she couldn't live without and one of them is makeup. There's just no way she would let it go.

Loren's been in denial about the whole no makeup thing since she saw it in the pre-procedure packet, especially since we have our Morning Talker segment with ABC 6 today. There's no way she was going to forgo the eye makeup today.

Larry and I have been telling her that she should just follow the doctor's orders and have passed on the mascara and such today. I mean, its one day! We think she can live without all the glitz and glam for just ONE DAY, but she was not having it.

So of course, the makeup came out this morning and the eyebrow brush was being waved around, without a care in the world. Her reasoning: it was only written in the packet and no one ACTUALLY told her she could not.

Here's the clip of her defending her decision...