I've put a lot of thought into this list but maybe there's something I'm forgetting?  If you listen to The Rock and Fox Show, you may be able to help out.

As the sole female on our morning show, I feel the need to keep these two (Michael and Gazelle) in line, on a daily basis.  Here's a list of tips for Abby who will be joining the show after my last day, which is this Friday.


1. Be sure to have a stash of Vitamin C packs in your office.  Once the cold weather hits, one of them or both, while start whining about having a sore throat or the sniffles.  How do I shut them up?  I whip out a vitamin C pack for them and I even mix it into a cup of water for them.  "Drink this" I say... You'll feel better instantly.  They don't ask questions, they just do it.  This will save you DAYS of whining, believe me.

TSM Kiah Heron

2. Bring treats every once in a while for them. This doesn't have to happen on the daily or even every week.  Gazelle likes chocolate chip cookies and Michael likes rice krispy treats.  You may think.. "man, what do I look like?  I'm not bringing them treats"... I was in my 20's once also.  BUT, it's really just something nice and goes FAR with these two.  They will treat you like the princess you are on the daily if this happens once in a while 😊


3. When you make your mind up about something and how you feel about it, never hesitate to speak it.  You may disagree with one or both of them and that's fine.  You've got a voice, use it.


4. Be ready for many "Gazelle Stories"... especially on Monday mornings after the weekend when most of his FUN happens.  He has lots of those crazy stories, yes, but.   His other stories, especially the ones about his immediate family are my favorite.  They make me feel good because it's him and his brother, his mom and Dad; together often and enjoying each others company.  I always say to myself, that will be my boys down the road... still wanting to hang around with mum and dad when they are young adults ❤️ .  I have come to love these Monday morning stories and will miss them once I'm gone. 😥


5. Be prepared... Michael is often doing 15 things at once during the show... reading an email, replying to an email, texting and replying to a text, editing a bit for the show, looking up info and research for the "almanac", looking at various pictures of Tom Brady, he is on youtube playing ridiculously funny things for me to laugh at, creeping on his home video security system as Cyndi and the kids get ready for and leave for school each morning, checking his Crossfit Facebook page a few times each morning, he'll be looking up the breakfast menu at Courtyard or Scramblers, he will also be looking up the lunch menu at the Southcoast Hospital cafeteria in Fairhaven, he's gazing out the studio window as the sun is rising each morning, he sometimes talks to himself (he's getting old), he is checking his fantasy football, checks his memories on Facebook which is always one of my favorite things because we get to reminisce about when the kids were little. REALLY little... This all happens while we are pulling off a super local, entertaining and FUN morning radio show 😊



I think that about covers it.  But if our listeners want to add a TIP for you they can do that in the comments of this Facebook post.  Congratulations Abby, if there's one young gal I feel confident can keep these fellas in line, it's you girl 😘



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