I'm not sure I ever made an official bucket list, but I do know I have a lot of things I want to do in this life. Social media may have made my list a bit longer than it was before, but it's all good stuff.

Believe it or not, jumping out of a plane, repelling off a building, and visiting Down Under were all on my bucket list. I have done two of the three so far. Some involved overcoming my massive fear of heights, while the other just required saving money to make the long trip.

For anyone who has ever experienced a life-threatening illness or has lost someone way too soon, you can fully understand the feeling of living life to the fullest and tackling your bucket list of life experiences.

Recently I came across this article, where a 102-year-old woman wanted to simply get arrested to knock something off her bucket list. It may sound silly to some, but it was something this woman had wanted to experience.

It got me thinking, how many people have a bucket list of things they have always wanted to do and haven't been able to tackle any of them? For some, it's as simple as buying a luxury car or flying in an airplane. Others, it's swimming with the dolphins or in the case of that elderly woman, getting arrested.

What's on your bucket list? Are you working towards making it happen?

Maybe the holiday season is a good time to make sure you sit down and create a bucket list instead of a gift wish list. Experiences will be forever.

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