The Rock and Fox Show wants to wish Fall River resident Yorgan De Castro a huge congratulations for his one-punch knockout of Justin Tafa this weekend in Melbourne, Australia.

Yorgan, who works as a security guard at Durfee High School in Fall River, got the break of a lifetime during the first episode of this season’s Dana White's Contender Series. He was given the chance to fight in Las Vegas, which he took full advantage of by knocking out his opponent. That win earned him a spot on the UFC roster, and a match this past weekend in Australia.

I don't want to brag, but I feel like we deserve at least some of the credit for Yorgan's big win.  It was back in July when Yorgan visited the Rock and Fox Show. We each got a chance to wind up and punch his as hard as we could. Christine, Gazelle, and I all got a chance to hit the UFC fighter who, without hesitation, told us that Christine packed the biggest punch.

You've got to think that intense training like that could have been the difference between knocking our Tafa with one punch and at least taking a couple of blows to the body or face.

Honestly, all kidding aside, De Castro may have been one of the nicest athletes I've ever met in person. He was humble and kind. He actually reminded the three of us a whole lot of Big Papi.

At the end of his fight this weekend, De Castro was overcome with emotion, kneeling in the center of the ring with tears of joy. "This will change my life," he said.

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