A dream became reality on Tuesday night when Freetown native, Connor Matthews, secured a contract with the UFC after winning a 3-round battle on Dana White’s Contender Series.

After losing last year on The Contender Series, he was forced to grind his way back to a shot at redemption, and on Tuesday night, he left no doubt in the UFC President's mind that he deserved a spot on the roster.

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Connor “The Controller” Matthews

Before dedicating his heart and soul to mixed martial arts, Connor Matthews spent six years in the Air Force as a combat controller in special operations, calling in medical supplies and air strikes, and working as the point of communication from the air to the ground.

After those six years, MMA became his therapy, and soon, his dream of becoming a UFC fighter was the only desire he had.

When Matthews Came Up Short, He Kept Pushing Forward

Matthews got the call to fight on Season 6 of Dana White’s Contender Series last year and lost a grueling three rounds against a game opponent.

While Matthews was on the wrong side of the scorecards that night, Dana White was very impressed. White wasn’t done watching “The Controller”, and in March of this year, White was front row at the Encore in Boston as Matthews secured his 6th professional win.

Matthew's performance was enough to get a second chance on The Contender Series, and on Tuesday night in Vegas, Matthews put it all on the line to achieve a unanimous decision victory.

Connor Matthews Awarded a UFC Contract

Winning on The Contender Series doesn’t always mean you win a contract. Dana White is looking for elite performances that bring the “it” factor, and White was more than pleased with what he saw from Matthews.

“I just don’t know how I can deny you,” he said to Matthews. “I think you’ve earned the shot, you’re 31, you’re a tough kid, and I could probably never go back to Boston again if I don’t bring you into the UFC.”

Keep your eyes peeled for when this Freetown fighter makes his first walk to the UFC cage.

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