If you would have asked me a week ago, "Do you read food labels?" I would have said, "Yes, absolutely. Nothing goes into this body that I don't know about." Today, I would respond differently.

Recently, I learned Kashi can no longer promote their cereals to be "all natural".  According to USA Today, Kashi uses "genetically engineered, non-organic ingredients."

So what ingredient(s) come into question in this instance? The answer is soy. Kashi incorporates "soybeans that have had a gene inserted to protect the soybeans from the herbicide Roundup, which kills weeds" when producing their cereals.

After learning this tidbit of information, I immediately looked in my pantry to investigate. To my relief, the Heart to Heart honey toasted oat cereal didn't contain soy. Although the FDA hasn't regulated the term "natural," instances such as this call into question how informed we are as consumers.