Finally, a study has come out that makes sense!

We've all had those days on the weekend or in college when you went a little too hard the night before and all that's left in the fridge in the morning is some cold pizza. Well, now we don't need to feel bad about grubbin' on some pizza in the A.M.

According to Chelsey Amer, a nutritionist out of New York, pizza is better for you in the morning than cereal. So throw out the Frosted Flakes and save that last slice from last night. A cup of coffee and a slice of the pie sounds like a great pick-me-up to me.

Apparently, pizza has a bigger batch of protein and therefore can give you a bigger, better boost for your day, and also keep you from getting hungrier later in the day. Amer also claims that a bowl of cereal with milk and a slice of pizza are around the same amount of calories.

I mean, this is all I really needed to hear. Now every morning it's all about some pizza. Maybe even a bacon pizza! Who doesn't love bacon in the morning? I'll add it to my new normal morning pizza pie.

Who's with me? The movement starts now!


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