Someone out there sent a pizza and a bottle of soda to the Fun 107 studio in Fairhaven and I'm determined to find out who.

Getting after-hours visitors at the studio is rare and when they do happen, I'm expecting them.

I've been pretty good lately about not ordering delivery. At least, that was one of my goals for January. So, imagine my surprise when a Metro Pizza delivery guy showed up to the studio the other night.

I almost immediately was like, "You've got the wrong place. I didn't order any pizza."

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The delivery driver insisted the pizza was for "Jackson" and that he had the right address.

I'm scratching my head.

I called over to the people at Metro Pizza North to see if they had the name of the person who ordered the pizza. No such luck.

The thing that was even more strange: How did this person know Metro was my favorite pizza and that I preferred Pepsi over Coca-Cola?  I have never mentioned either on the radio.

The only piece of information I could get from the delivery driver and the store was that they believed the person who ordered was a female.

No one in my family would have done this. I checked.

Now I'm on a mission to find this person, obviously to thank them for dinner but also to congratulate them on being really good at staying a mystery.

Oh, and sorry for the picture of the half-eaten pizza. It's up to you to decide if I ate the whole thing myself.

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