For anyone who dreams of a bowl of cereal with just marshmallows, it just became a reality.

Be honest with yourself, if you enjoy Lucky Charms cereal, you'll agree that the best part are those sugary little marshmallow puffs that melt instantly in your mouth. For as long as I've lived, I've always wanted to enjoy a bowl that just had marshmallows and none of the bland cereal.

Don't ask me how I came across this, but for some odd reason, it was a popular searchable item on

"Lucky Charms Marshmallows Only"

Of course Amazon is going to have it, that website has everything and anything. I clicked "search" and the results were pretty comical:

  • 1-pound bag of cereal marshmallows = $10.99
  • 2.5-pounds of assorted dehydrated marshmallow bits in a jar = $24.99
  • 3-pound bulk bag of assorted dehydrated cereal marshmallows = $25.64

And finally...

This is the real deal, Kraft branded Lucky Charms marshmallow assorted shapes, a 40-pound case of it.

I'm not encouraging anyone to purchase this, as the sugar content could most likely develop diabetes, but the fact that this is even available is quite impressive. Perhaps this is used for farm animals such as horses as a sweet substitute for sugar cubes, or maybe for ice cream toppings. Now that I can get on board with.

Amazon is truly where dreams come true and if you've ever been curious as to why General Mills hasn't released a "marshmallow only" Lucky Charms, at least you now know that you can get it shipped directly to your door.

Puts a whole new twist on breakfast, doesn't it? Oh, what a time to be alive.


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