Fashion can be weird sometimes, but really?!

If you've ever looked at your jeans and thought, "Man, my knees could really use a window here so they can see the world," you're in luck! Nordstrom just came out with jindows!

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 3.53.58 PM

They're calling them "Clear Knee Mom Jeans," on their site (which really isn't much better). They describe the weird jeans like this on their site, "Slick plastic panels bare your knees for a futuristic feel in tapered and cropped high-waist jeans." They only cost $95, which I guess is good for partly plastic jeans.

I mean I guess I can understand if you want holes in your jeans but not all that breezy nonsense, but futuristic? They kind of look like what happened when you ruined your jeans and your mom could only find plastic to patch them with.

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