I know I'm a technically a "grown-up," but that doesn't by any stretch of the imagination mean that I'm actually an adult. I'm pretty childish, and I think most people that know me can tell. I'm probably pretty sure most people that listen to me can tell, too. Well, they definitely can tell, apparently.

During Restaurant Week, we took the show on the road and broadcast live from a number of different SouthCoast restaurants. We were out there with the people. Naturally, a few listeners stopped in to say hi and grab a photo. The wild thing was, it was mainly all kids for me. I'm not at all upset about it, though! To me ,that just means I'm more childish than I realized.

In the grand scheme of things, it's actually really cool. I genuinely appreciate all the kids that came out, and it's what makes the job much more fun and worth it. It's always awesome to meet our listeners, and there's a different kind of excitement and energy that comes from kids. So to all the kids out there that listen and love Fun 107, WE LOVE YOU TOO!

Thanks for being loyal listeners and hopefully we can meet more of you soon.

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