In this week's episode of What Exactly Is Going on in Gazelle's Brain, I'd like to dive deep into the restaurant menu.

Hear me out because this has been sitting on my cerebellum for quite some time.

Wednesday morning, I went over to a small little breakfast place in Fairhaven called Little Village Cafe. There was a lot of hype because it was chosen to feed the cast and crew for Finestkind, the movie filming soon in New Bedford and Fairhaven.

So, naturally, if it's good enough for Tommy Lee Jones, it's good enough for me.

As I sat, slow-sipping a piping hot cup of joe, I was asked if I knew what I wanted. Naturally, I was ready to go and ordered up a Cacoila Benny. I had heard nothing but good things and wanted to join the gravy train. I was intrigued by the unique Portuguese dish and have never been more certain about a decision in my life. That's when Liz Bolduc, the waitress, hit me with "Do you want to try our homemade banana nut bread French toast, too?".

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All at once, my thoughts came to a screeching halt, and I was left with the most difficult decision: Do I stick to my guns and just get the benny? Or do I indulge with the French toast?"

Not to sound dramatic, but I'm pretty sure a single bead of sweat formed around my left eyebrow and proceeded to casually fall down the side of my cheek.

"I'll take both," I told her. "But please bring out the banana bread first."

An epiphany consumed me and it was at that very moment that I realized I'd never had an appetizer for breakfast.

Sometimes for lunch, but almost every time for dinner, I've found myself ordering either a side salad, a cup of soup, a bowl of chowder, some buffalo chicken egg rolls, or even pretzels with beer cheese.

Whatever the appetizer was, it never stopped me from finishing my meal. So, why couldn't I make the exception for breakfast?

My final thoughts are this: If you're someone with a big appetite, such as myself, then join me in normalizing breakfast appetizers. Perhaps this is already a thing and people are considering a side of toast or bacon their appetizer, but I'm looking at it in a whole new light.

Bring out the breakfast appetizer first, then bring out my main choice. If I do not finish my meal, I could always take it home. It's a win-win situation and I am here to support it.

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