Before you make the decision to buy someone flowers for any reason, consider this: do they even like flowers?

If you haven’t heard, Fun 107’s gentle giant Gazelle had a mild heart attack last week. Luckily, he is on the mend, but I feel helpless when it comes to helping him during this tough time. It’s not like I can offer medical assistance, but I want him to know I am thinking of him.

On Michael and Maddie this morning, I asked Michael, “Is it weird to send a guy a bouquet of flowers?” It didn’t take much thought for Michael to respond.

“I’m not too sure about flowers," he said.

Well if it’s weird to send a guy flowers, how am I supposed to show Gazelle I am thinking of him? How am I supposed to show sympathy? I don’t want to get him a card, and from the sound of it, flowers may be off the table.

“If you really want to send him something, send him meat,” Michael suggested.

I never considered meat as a potential gift, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that a guy like Gazelle would get better use out of a supply of meat than he would hydrangeas. However, the guy just had a heart attack, so I don’t know if red meat is the answer.

I could always send him an Edible Arrangements, but what if it’s filled with fruit he doesn’t like?

I’m at a loss, SouthCoast.

How would you show love and sympathy to a plutonic man in your life? Would you send flowers, or something else?

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