I'm not saying there's no action these past three weeks, but there hasn't exactly been any excitement.

Say what you will, but I have found these blowout game by the Patriots to be a bit boring to watch.

Yes the wins are awesome, but the games themselves certainly don't leave you on the edge of your seat.

In fact, I'd be willing to bet you often check other stations or even leave your seat (for snacks, bathroom breaks, heck even to put some laundry away) throughout the game no matter what is happening on the field.

Because no matter when you leave the room or change the channel, you know you really aren't missing much. And you are very likely unconcerned that there will be some crazy turnaround by the other team while you're gone.

The Patriots seem in such control week after week that watching the game in its entirety doesn't seem that important.

And sure you can call me a fair-weather fan or accuse me of having Patriots arrogance, but you know I'm not really wrong.

Seriously, 33-3, 43-0 and 30-14. And that last score only appears to be close because of literal rookie mistakes.

There is an on-the-field dominance happening right now and it is delightful. It just isn't thrilling to take in.

Next week could be a good one when they head to Buffalo to take on the also undefeated Bills. But October doesn't look that great with match-ups against the Redskins, Giants, Jets and Browns.

Maybe that's a good thing though. You'll be free to apple and pumpkin pick on Sundays instead of feeling compelled to watch every snap of every game.

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