How big is Sunday's game in Miami for the Patriots? ABC 6 Sports Director Nick Coit says it is a pivotal game that could extend the length of time the Patriots are relevant this season.

We had an upbeat conversation with Coit this morning for our Patriots Preview. If we're being honest, it was a positive conversation neither of us thought we'd be having heading into last Sunday for their game against the Bills.

The Patriots played a gutsy game against Buffalo. They made Josh Allen look very average. More importantly, the Patriots offensive line helped make Mac Jones look like a surgeon, tactfully cutting up the Buffalo defense with precision passes.

Parden the Halloweekend pun, but it's hard to know with quarterback you're going to get week to week. Will it be Doctor Fumble, or Mr. TD?

"All summer I talked about how the Red Sox would go on these little winning streaks. And I would use in my sportscasts the Michael Corleone Godfather III line, 'Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!' That is where we are right now with the Patriots," said Coit.

Can The Patriots Win This Sunday in Miami?

Historically, wins in Miami have been very evasive, even in the Brady Golden Years. Between that, the Dolphins commanding 5-2 record and the Patriots less than impressive 2 and 5 record, there isn't a whole lot to be optimistic about on paper.

However, Coit has a feeling the Patriots are ripe for an upset win. "I like the momentum, I like the way they played last week. They always have a good defensive scheme when it comes to going up against Tyreek Hill. I think they're going to win," said Coit.

With the underwhelming Commanders, Colts and Giants as the Patriots' next 3 opponents, that would certainly change the conversation here in New England.

Just when you thought you were out, they pull you back in.

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