At 22 years old, I'm more than likely the youngest person at this station and consider myself a social media enthusiast, but for some reason, I have absolutely no idea why everyone is so fascinated with TikTok all of a sudden.

I think I made an account back in 2016 when I was checking out all other forms of social media other than the massive outlets, and if memory serves me correctly, it was just people lip-syncing music, as if you can’t get that anywhere else.

Now my sisters are on it, Gazelle wrote about it this week, and again, I of all people have no idea what he was even talking about prior to reading it.

Am I missing out? I feel almost kind of on the outside because I held off on it for so long. I did the same thing for Twitter back when it blew up, and still to this day don’t use it because I don’t like the platform.

Is there something that makes TikTok unique? The joke going around is it’s all just people under the age of 15 lip-syncing songs, which as you get older isn’t a good look, meaning it looked cool to the girls in high school (not really) but now I’m too old for that.

So, with all of that being said, what am I supposed to get over there? Someone, please tell me I’m missing something. Help make me "hip" again, and being 22 years old, that sounds like an oxymoron.

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