Someone on TikTok got a bird's eye view of one of the coolest phenomena I've ever seen in New Bedford.

Someone captured what looks like a late-afternoon sky opening up a circle in the clouds to pour some much-needed sunshine down upon the Whaling City.

The scene played out in one of the most traveled intersections in the city, at the end of the New Bedford-Fairhaven Bridge, what's known to locals as "the octopus."  The tentacles are all of the streets branching off from the traffic hub.

No one in the rush of the city traffic seemed to spot the magnificent sky, but the comments section of the video seemed split about what the sky could have been.

@emiliotrejolucario♬ original sound - Emilio trejo lucario

A lot of people were wondering if the rays were coming down from heaven. Others seemed to equate the Hollywood-type sky to an ominous scene from Independence Day.

Either way, it's not a sky you see every day here on the SouthCoast, especially lately.

Seeing a local Tik Tok video catching traction on the platform was also fun.

"Nice to see people from New Bedford on here," said one commenter.

I agreed, along with 277 other people who loved the comment.

Others suggested the video could prove that Earth is flat, which, of course, isn't true..  Leeroybrowns said "That's the exact example of a local sun," meaning the video seemingly shows clouds passing behind the sun.  Commenters wondered how this could happen if the sun is 93 million miles away.

"Galactic mothership," said GalacticMe17.

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