Attention golf lovers!  Is it time to get your significant other out on the course with you?I was a little older than most people who take up golf when I started.

Once I started to play I have played at least once a week since then.  Of course that is during golf season, it is New England and some years I was able to play all year and other years there were a few months winter messed that up.  Truth is I look forward to heading out to one of our area courses enjoying some time with my friends and taking in the beautiful conditions that the courses have to offer.

The group I play with likes to skip around and play different courses during the season and try to play as many as possible.  I should also say I am not a great golfer and because I know that I don't let a bad shot mess up my whole day.  With all of that said, it's great to get out with the guys but how about my wife?  Well I never really thought about it until I came across this story on, about how to get your lady into playing golf.

I spoke to my wife one day recently after a round of golf with my buds when she and the the other ladies joined us for lunch, about her playing golf, she

thought it was a great idea!  The other ladies agreed and are going to take a lesson and see how they like it.

I think it would be great for us to get out and play together, I mentioned earlier that I am not a great golfer but my wife is more competitive than I am so it might make for some real fun on the course when we play.  If you are thinking about getting your significant other into playing golf, grabbing a VIP Golf Card and trying out the courses on the card.  The card is inexpensive and gets you out on six courses that will help you show your lady how to play and maybe she may teach you a thing or two.

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