A lot of people are either out of work, or are looking for a better job.  If you fit into either category, I wish you all the best. Here are the results of a new survey of employers that might help.  The headline is that most of them make up their mind on hiring someone during the first five minutes of an interview.  Some of the managers have tips that are worth paying attention to.   70 percent notice the applicants shoes as soon as they walk in.  Consultants say no open-toed shows for women, and no high heels either.

Also, if you have any photos on your facebook page that you'd be embarrassed to show  mom or grandma, remove them before you even apply for the job.  That's one of the first thing potential employers check.   During the interview, answer questions slowly.  Don't speak too quickly.   One more thing.  80 percent of managers think more highly of the person who sends a thank you note following the interview.

But please don't do it via email.   That will make you look lazy.   Good luck should you be looking.  Oh, and remember - breath mints.