A super helpful youtube video has surface about how to fold a fitted sheet in less than a minute.

Have you ever had a hard time folding bed sheets? Now there is a video that shows exactly how to fold them, specifically a fitted sheet. The video has been showing up on Facebook and it's pretty great! Everybody knows how much a pain in the butt folding a fitted sheet can be. It has such an odd shape that I feel like no matter how you fold it, it always comes how weird and crinkly!

The video is from OCD Experience, which is a website that helps people to organize their lives. Justin Klosky hosts the video that is only 54 seconds long and entire procedure only takes about 40 seconds. It's really quick and easy for all of us who don't have a lot of time to keep on folding a sheet that never seems to want to corporate.

For the procedure, he first folded the fitted sheet in half, "like a hammock" as he describes it. Then he folded one side to the middle and the other side in to the middle again, and that will create an almost skirt-like look to it. He then folds the sheet half way across, flips it over and folds it 3 more times after that.

Watch the rest of the video down below!

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