“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” - Aristotle

You may be a really great business person on your own, and you may have a relative or friend who is a really great business person on their own. Imagine if you combined your powers to be one super-business person? That’s what you have to keep in mind when thinking about who will be your business partner, so choose wisely! The right business partner will help you achieve your goals and be a helping hand for your business along the way. Many Lemonade Day participants are too young to drive and the right business partner should be able to provide transportation for ‘business trips’ like going to the store for supplies or meeting with a potential investor to get your business started. Secondly, your business partner will be excited to help you grow your business and work with you at your stand to help troubleshoot any challenges that arise or lend a helping hand if you get too busy.

When choosing a business partner, think about your parents, relatives, siblings, or friends that can help you plan for the best outcome possible. This person will look at your goals with you and help you look forward and prepare to meet that goal. A good business partner will also brainstorm all the possible scenarios involved with a business and help come up with solutions for them, like what to do if it starts raining or how to handle too many customers at once.

Over the years, SouthCoast Lemonade Day entrepreneurs have had many kinds of business partners like big sisters, avôs, aunties and uncles, and even teachers!

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Lemonade Day Southcoast 2020 is made possible by support from our sponsors including BayCoast Bank, Andrews Fruit & Produce, 7-11 Mattapoisett, Auclair’s Market, Care Free Homes, Cape Air, Muffler & Brake Complete Car Care, Mosquito Squad of Southeastern Mass, and Interiors by Paul Chaisson.


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