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New Bedford Mom Writes Letter About Lemonade Day
What kind of an effect does Lemonade Day have on our kids?  Listen to this New Bedford mom call into the Michael Rock Show this morning to share her son's story.  The audio is below.
Read Chantell's letter here.
My children had a lemonade stand yesterday called Squeeze the Day…
Guide to 2018 Lemonade Day Southcoast
Here's the quick guide (with links in blue) to Lemonade Day Southcoast 2018:

Register for FREE. Sign up to get started with this year's Lemonade Day Southcoast and then pick up your backpack at BayCoast Bank near you.
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Lemonade Day Southcoast’s Complete List of 2018 Stands
Here is the ever-growing list of Lemonade Day stands across the Southcoast! These towns have been very supportive of these (very) small businesses but want you to know to enjoy it at your own risk!

A Batter’s Squeeze; 145 County St; 10am (Auclair's Market)

Twisty Flips Lemonade; 943 County St;…

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