One of the things we missed most during the pandemic was Fun 107's Lemonade Day.

While we did a weird, virtual version in 2020 and took a pass on the event in 2021, it has been incredible seeing the participants return for 2022. Seeing those little hustlers out there serving up lemonade was heartwarming for so many reasons.

First of all, so often we hear about how young people don't have the same work ethic as their parents and grandparents. Lemonade Day is a perfect way to light that entrepreneurial fire inside of these young future bosses. We need to teach our kids the art of hustle and the value of a hard day's work. Fun 107's Lemonade Day gives us all an opportunity to do just that.

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Secondly, families that go through the official Lemonade Day program learn about three buckets of money that are created with the profits made.  After repaying the people who helped finance the lemonade stands (mom, dad, vavo), the program suggests the money to be distributed into three funnels: spending some of the money, saving some of the money and donating some of the money.

I waited until I was about 21 years old before I finally listened to a piece of my father's advice. When I got my job here at Fun 107, he strongly encouraged me to begin saving immediately in the company's 401k plan. Thankfully, I listened. As a result, I am positioned relatively favorably when I eventually want to retire. Learning a lesson like this at a young age is absolutely critical. Lemonade Day helps hammer that message home.

In case you missed some of the countless lemonade stands across the SouthCoast, here are just some of the stands we were able to visit.

See The Smiling Faces of Lemonade Day 2022

Children across SouthCoast participated in Lemonade Day 2022. Here are some shots of them at their lemonade stands on a hot summer day -- perfect weather for some refreshing homemade lemonade.

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