I definitely enjoy basking in the glow of my own birthday. Some might say I overdo it a bit.

I mean, it's my birthday. Shouldn't I be making the most of it? My birthday is February 15. It's right in the middle of the month, so what usually happens is I celebrate it for the whole month.

I'm turning a year older from February 1 to February 28 (or 29 on a leap year obviously). I don't see what's wrong with riding that birthday celebration until the wheels fall off. At what other point during the year are people just willing to celebrate you non-stop? Everyone wants to just do whatever you want to do. Everyone just wants to make you happy and celebrate your existence.

If you don't think that feels fantastic, you're crazy. So, excuse me for dragging that glory out as long as humanly possible.

By the way, like I said, I celebrate starting on February 1, so get yourself ready! That's right around the corner!

I can't be the only one who does this though, so I ask, how long do you celebrate yours? Is it just a weekend? Is it just a week? Is it a couple weeks? A whole month? Or do you just celebrate yourself at every single chance you get? I can't really hate on the last one. I actually might adopt that for next year...

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