It's fun to occasionally look back at just how fast the world changes.  A good measure of time is to look at the Freshman just entering college.  What has changed since they entered Kindergarten in the year 2000.   A few things come to mind. 

There was no texting, no facebook and no twitter.  There were no IPhones or IPads.   No one had ever heard of Barack Obama.   There was no American Idol.   Harry Potter was a series of books, not movies.  Lady Gaga was known as Stephanie Germonata.

Snookie was in middle school in Marlboro, New York.  The twin towers at the World Trade Center were standing tall.  A gallon of unleaded regular was 151.9.   Maybe there are some other obvious ones.  We'll do this again in the year 2024 when today's kindergarten class walks on to the college campus.