Have you seen the online petition to move the Super Bowl to Saturday? The kid behind it may have a good point.

A 16-year-old from upstate New York started an online petition to convince the powers that be in the NFL to change the date of the big game.

And people nationwide seem to be onboard with Super Bowl Saturday.

Frank Ruggeri began his Change.org petition about two weeks ago and explained himself by writing,

It will get more money.and get more vistors to game.NFl will get more telavison views because most goverment jobs have off. have to more children to enjoy there beloved game on TV or at venue. Most of your  playoff games are on saturday. Probably  have to prices becuse more vistors will go

You have to admit, he makes some good points.

There have been several years where New England schools would cancel the Monday after the Super Bowl so younger kids could stay up and watch the game without being overtired for the next day.

And I'm pretty sure the Monday after the Super Bowl is one of the biggest "sick" days in the country. Last year about 17.2 million people called in on what was dubbed "Super Sick Monday."

17.2 million. That's crazy.

With the Super Bowl on a Saturday people would have a day to recover and report back to work. Kids could enjoy the game without worrying about being tired for school. And perhaps young Frank is right and the ratings would go up as well.

So are you interested in Super Bowl Saturday?

Commentors on the petition said things like

"You could actually stop DWIs and people could sleep at the venue instead of driving because you need to go to work tomorrow."


"It’s a party and Saturday is a party night NOT Sunday"


"This kid inspired me and I want to try to make it happen"


"I feel like all his reasonings are very true. It keeps everyone safe. It would also make Sunday more relaxed. I wouldn’t feel tired for work the next day."

He's got over 60,000 signers already, so the movement is clearly growing.

But what do you think? Should the NFL consider making this move for Super Bowl LV in Tampa?

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