Just taking a visit to the grocery store, you see that our world has changed – but which changes should probably stay and which should go?

Many of the things we are seeing now I believe should have been around before. Ok, maybe I didn't think masks were needed, but more antibacterial stations for sure.

I'm sure you have seen some grocery stores wiping down the carts after every use, something I think should have been done before and should absolutely stay. Maybe not make the workers do it, but supply the wipes so that we can sanitize our own carts. The same should be true at gas stations.

I did always find it interesting that so many people didn't respect personal space. Now, with social distancing and even tape and markers on the floor, I'm hoping that even after the pandemic we can maintain some kind of respectable distance from each other. So let's keep those markers on the ground at all retail spots, shall we?

I have a feeling that once we are cleared to go back to our favorite restaurants, wait times will be increased as many will need to lower their capacity to abide by social distancing and safety. I'm thinking this means that servers won't be overextended and can provide the best and safest service possible – which means we need to tip better.

What are some of the precautions you see now that you are hoping will stick around once things get back to our new normal?

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