I truly believe that if there's one thing most people have in common, it's the lack of joy they get from grocery shopping.

Let's be real for a moment: Does anyone enjoy it?

It's a hassle, especially if you're heading to certain supermarkets such as Market Basket where it's pure chaos just to get through the experience; markets where the rotisserie chickens fly off the shelf faster than they're cooked.

Shopping etiquette in that shopper-eat-shopper environment gets left behind.

Yet we still go through it every week, walking up and down the aisles, bumping carriages with fellow shoppers along the way.

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That's the thing, bumping carriages. I accidentally did it three times last weekend trying to turn the corner to another aisle. You take a chance each time, hoping the lane is clear, yet it never is.

That's when it dawned on me.

Why don't these aisles have those large, round safety mirrors attached to the end caps?

They're likely inexpensive, easy to install, and would help prevent head-on collisions between shopping carts. I'm no rocket scientist, but you'd think that someone would have thought of this by now. Yet here we are, running into one another like animals because we can't see what's around the corner.

Som, the ball's in your court now, local supermarkets. Can we get some mirrors installed for the blind spots? That would be grand.

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