Let me say right off the bat, I feel terribly for people who have to wear their masks at work all day. My wife is a teacher, and she tells me that it is a struggle to have that thing on for eight hours a day.

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Leave it up to Michael to compare masks with 195 😷

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We are very lucky that we were able to have our studio divided so that we don't have to wear masks while we are on the air. As you can imagine, our microphones are very sensitive, so our voices would sound distinctively different if we were each wearing masks. After the show, most of my day is spent in my office, alone, where I don't wear a mask.

I do, however, prescribe to the mask-wearing protocols, and other than having to occasionally stop and turn around in the parking lot to get one out of my car, I always wear my masks when out at stores or other places.

That being said, I feel like we need to talk about the people who are doing a great job wearing their masks, but then pull them down when it is time to talk to you. They'll be wearing the mask perfectly, doing all they can to protect the public from the virus, then at the most critical time, they effectively take it off.

Think of it from the mask's point of view. He was made for this moment. He's been waiting ALL DAY to stop the small droplets from circulating and spreading COVID-19. And his moment is robbed.

It's almost like driving on 195, buckled up nice and safe with your seatbelt on. Then, suddenly when someone cuts you off and you're driving off the road, bracing to crash into another car, you quickly take off your seatbelt to prepare for impact. It makes absolutely no sense.

Maddie says she even saw someone pull down their mask to cough! What in the heck?!

I don't mean to come off as mask police here. All I am saying is a better time to take the mask off for a quick breather is when you are not talking to someone. Even if that means you might have to repeat yourself to the person, everyone understands.

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