Let me begin by saying this: I can't stand wearing a mask and I know I'm not alone. However, I still obey the laws and regulations and understand the severity of the situation, I'm simply addressing the discomfort.

Phone, keys, wallet – and now, mask. Yup, that's everything. The modern checklist before leaving your house on the daily. It's both weird and effective.

It's the "new norm" I suppose, but what's going to happen when we start to re-open the world again mask-free? Just today, for the very first time- the CDC announced that anyone who has been fully vaccinated can now socialize without a mask.

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This doesn't mean you can prowl around in public mask-free; only those who are vaccinated also can be around each other without masks. Masks must be worn regardless if you had the vaccine or not when in public; that rule has yet to be changed.

Either way, two years ago, if someone was in Market Basket with a mask on, you'd think that they were "sickly" and perhaps kept your distance. Now, it's the person without a mask that's the "sketchy" one.

Just the other day, I was at a small breakfast joint where everything is close quarters and this guy just decided to walk in without a mask or a care in the world. I'm not going to judge, because he could have had a medical condition, but I will say that he stood out among the crowd.

What a strange world we live in.

Even if I was vaccinated tomorrow and was given the green light to proceed in public without a mask, I think I still would. Not only to simply save me from the judgment, but also in general to stop the spread of germs. It's our duty as human beings to respect others as you would yourself, so let's continue to keep the mask culture going.

Until we are all told to throw out those pesky masks, I'm good with leaving mine on for the time being.

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