Hope you enjoyed the warmer weather today, because things are taking a major turn throughout the day tomorrow.

Nothing like a New England fall where the temperatures can change by 20 degrees or more in a 24 hour period.

And that is exactly what is going to happen on Tuesday.

According to ABC 6 chief meteorologist Jeff Desnoyers things are going to go from mild to down right cold tomorrow as the rain comes in mid-morning.

And by the time the rain tapers off it is most likely going to be snow in many spots across the SouthCoast.

Now don't go prepping the snowblower just yet, this again is not expected to be an accumulating snow. But it could very well be a troublesome snow.

Just like the last potential storm was set to hit around the morning commute, this switch from rain to snow (or sleety in-between slop) is most likely going to affect the afternoon commute hours.

So your drive home Tuesday afternoon could take you extra time. And will probably need some extra attention with the first snow and the early sunset.

The combination of cold and dark could cause some hazardous road conditions that drivers will want to be prepared for.

And your outerwear for the day is going to change a lot too.

The day should start off in the mid-50s, but end up in the teens by the overnight hours.

So definitely bring the heavy coat even though you won't likely need it as you head out in the morning.

Basically be ready to leave your house feeling like fall and return home in the dead of winter.

Oh New England weather, gotta love it.

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