We all lost an hour to daylight savings this past weekend, but how quickly do you feel that loss?

We're just a couple of days into the time change and I am feeling it.

For me, it's always a couple of days after the clocks are actually changed that the effects of that lost hour hit me.

But is it just me?

We were talking about the time change yesterday around the office and it sounded like everyone was a little different in how it affects them.

My kids seemed to feel it right away; both were surprisingly bushed early on Sunday night.

For others around here, yesterday was a bit rough. There were lots of extra cups of coffee and the complaint that it was always the day after the time change that the missing hour really hit.

Today is my day. I feel like I had the worst night's sleep, even though I really didn't. I know I'll be grabbing those extra cups of coffee myself today and as soon as I can get my pajamas back on, I most definitely will.

Clearly the time change is different for everyone. And though we could debate why we are still doing the daylight savings time thing (personally I think it could go away any time now), my question is about the effects it has.

When do you feel the loss of the hour? Do you feel the loss of the hour?

And if you don't, tell me your secret – please!

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