I've got baby number two coming any day now and I'm trying to find a few moments of 'me time' before it happens. Moms, how did you treat yourself before a birth?

I gotta say the second pregnancy is nothing like the first.

The first time around, your time is still your own while you are pregnant. If you need to nap, you can. If you want to take a nice yoga class, you go.

With another kid (or kids) at home, that freedom kind of disappears and fitting in time for yourself around everything else going on is tough.

But with just over a week to go (I'm having a C-section this time around so yes I can say that with confidence), I am determined to get a little bit of "me time" before a new baby, a toddler and finding a new balance in life take over everything.

So far I've planned a desperately needed haircut and a pedicure. But I feel like I don't even know how to treat myself anymore.

Were there things you did before the arrival of a baby that made you feel more relaxed? Things you wish you had done while you had some time?

Any suggestions for some "me time" moments would be greatly appreciated by myself and perhaps some other moms-to-be as well. Post them under this story on the Fun 107 Facebook page.

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