If you've ever listened to The Michael Rock Show, there's a good chance you've heard about two things: 1) Our undying love for ice cream (particularly from Acushnet Creamery) and 2) The saga of the new fridge we got in the station kitchen.

When we got this new fridge, we had all kinds of rules about what can and can't go in it. Mostly because we are vile creatures that have been known to leave food in there for months, no one cleans it, and there ends up being mystery spills at the bottom. See the example here. One rule outlined what CAN go in the new fridge, and that was ice cream deliveries from Acushnet Creamery. We get very spoiled about once a month when Donna, the owner, brings us a whole bunch of ice cream. And now we have a freezer to put it in, which is awesome.

Apparently, that's where this ice cream drama starts. I had to leave the station before Donna brought in ice cream the other day, and even though she caught me in the parking lot and gave me some to go, I, because I love ice cream, was excited to have some during the show the next day. I love ice cream - don't judge me.  But when I opened the freezer, I saw this:


Someone had put Post-its on the 15 leftover ice creams saying they licked the ice cream inside. And me, knowing that no one licked any of them (and put the note as a ploy to save them all for themselves, no doubt) and that even they did, I would still eat it, proceeded to grab one and eat it at 7 a.m.


But it got us in the office talking about whether or not we would eat it if someone HAD actually licked all of them.

Fun107 | IG

We put this poll on our IG and it looks like 60 percent of people wouldn't eat it, fearing someone had licked germs on to it. BUT 40 percent of people were with me and would eat it anyway.

Nothing keeps me from ice cream. Especially not people pretending to be gross ice cream hoarders.