Yesterday we posted a horrific photo of what the fridge in the Fun 107 station looks like. Rightly so, people were disgusted. 

So we decided to take pictures of our fridges at home, in a pathetic attempt to prove that we are not the vile creatures that our work fridge suggests.

First, let's break down the contents of the office fridge:

office fridge 2

#1 - Let's get the most disgusting out of the way first. This mystery spillage at the bottom. We can't identify it. It's been there for months.

#2 - Admittedly, these rouge Powerades are Abby's. (I forget I bring them in then just bring more.)

#3 - This milk expired in November of 2017.

#4 - Not entirely sure what's in this plastic packaging. It might have at one time been deli meat. Again, we do not know for sure.

#5 - More mystery bags. We're going to bribe someone to open them for us. Or just throw the whole fridge out.

#6 - The "freezer" part of this fridge that has not frozen anything since probably 2014 because it turned into essentially a giant ice block.

We realize we look like a bunch of dirty pigs, based on how this fridge looks. But we promise the fridges at our houses are nowhere near as disgusting.

*Keep in mind that there are about 20 other staff members here, so we're going to blame them for the cesspool. 

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