"I'll be home soon, I'm just going to stop at the nursery and pick up a plant for the house," is becoming a rather repetitive text message from my fiancé.

I'm not sure when or how it started, but my house went from a single succulent to about four spider plants, a three-foot-tall cactus, and a bunch of miscellaneous vegetation scattered throughout the house. Each one is perfectly paired next to a window or on a windowsill for the sunlight to the point where you can't even see outside anymore.

It's not a bad thing to have plants in your house it's really good for the lungs, but where's the fine line here?

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Truth be told, I've already made a list of the pros and cons of my fiance's plant infatuation:


  • It's an easy and inexpensive surprise when she's having a tough day.
  • Plants help her de-stress after a long day.
  • It promotes responsibility and accountability.
  • Indoor plants increase the quality of air within the house.


  • There are too many.
  • We're running out of room.
  • Financially, this will start to add up.
  • I'm going to be stuck taking care of them if she ever leaves me for vacation or an overnight trip.

Lastly, for anyone reading this thinking I'm serious, I don't mind at all. This is therapeutic for her and I'm just here for the moral support. In the end, I always remind myself of the golden rule- "Happy wife, happy life".

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