I mentioned today on the show that as much as I enjoy cooking fish at home, I just can't get past the stink it leaves behind in the house. My wife baked cod for dinner last night and this morning the smell was still lingering.  I asked Fun 107 listeners for tips.

1. Make sure the fish is fresh

One listener brought up the point that the local fish I am buying may not actually be fresh. She said that when a fish is cooked fresh it should give off little to no odor. She's right. Sometimes the odor has not been there but on most occasions the fish leaves a putrid smell behind. Maybe I should try a different market next time.

2. Adding different ingredients
Several listeners suggested adding vanilla extract or lemon to the fish to mask any possible odor that may occur during the baking process.

3. Boil vinegar
One listener suggested I boil vinegar after my meal to help hide the fish odor but I fear if I do that my house will smell like vinegar and fish.

4. Cook the fish in a separate room
Many of you listeners suggested I try the old Portuguese method of cooking the fish in a garage or basement so the smell does not get into my living area.


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