Drinkers of White Claw, it's happening. It's finally happening.

The company has officially announced three new flavors to add to its roster.

Making its debut in 2016, White Claw has grown exponentially over the past year for its low calories, sugar, and carb beverages, accounting for almost 60 percent of all hard seltzer product sales. If you ask me, that statistic alone is absurd considering the fact that the brand has only been around for just four years.

The last new flavors were announced over 16 months ago, and fans have been waiting to try something new. So much so that the company received over 70,000 requests over on social media.

By popular demand, White Claw has announced three new flavors:

Here are the flavors and descriptions as released by White Claw:

White Claw Tangerine - A splash of refreshing citrus that’s a little more sweet than tart, embodying the splash of biting into a fresh tangerine wedge.

White Claw Watermelon - A hint of bright, ripe watermelon, and is clean and refreshing to taste, not a syrupy candy. This flavor also features a fresh, natural watermelon aroma.

White Claw Lemon - We have been working on this flavor for over two years, as lemon is a very subtle and delicate flavor to work with. Our flavor bursts with a clean lemon aroma providing drinkers with pure, crisp, citrus refreshment.

Prior to the new flavors, White Claw only offered five different tastes: black cherry, raspberry, lime, grapefruit and mango. The new releases bring the count up to eight different flavors.

The press release stated that the company spent a ton of time perfecting the new flavors, so I expect great things from them.

The new flavors will be sold individually in a new 12-can variety pack and can be found at participating locations.

Finally, as a friendly PSA: yes, there ARE laws when drinking the claws, so please consume responsibly and don't do anything you're going to regret.


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