There is no doubt I have consumed more wine in the last three months than I probably would normally consume in a year, but I can't believe I'm just now hearing about the Wine Fairies.

Imagine, you've had a long day of working from home. Maybe you are essential or back to work recently and are having a tough time adjusting. Trust me, I know the feeling. It's been a whirlwind getting back in the swing of working in the office.

And it took getting back in the office for me to come across a Facebook group in which people literally gift wine to other wine lovers they know.

If you receive a gift of wine, you were either "fairied," or what they call "dusted." I had to giggle at "dusted" since they are playing off when a fairy would dust someone, something magical would happen – sort of like how I feel when I have my first glass of wine after a long day.

You better believe I joined this Facebook group and actually found some people from Taunton and New Bedford.

If you are ready to not only receive a dusting from the Wine Fairies, but also dust someone else, then you should ask to join this Facebook group. 

I think I may make it a point to dust someone in the group each month. Not only will I get to try some new wines but I'll also get to share some of my favorites with others.

I LOVE this idea. Do you think you will dust someone with some wine?

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