Calling all sideways parkers, on-the-line parkers, and double-spot parkers. A Facebook group is over the bad parking jobs, and is calling out offenders all across Massachusetts.

Let's be honest: Parking poorly is one of the most frustrating things another driver can do. It's likely one of the first things all of us learned how to do in driving school, and if you don't make it into a spot the first time, you actually get another chance (or ten) to correct your mistakes afterwards! But some people just don't care and think the white-lined parking rules don't apply to them.

Have you ever had to crawl into your car through the passenger side and shimmy over the center console because the person next to you parked so close you couldn't open your driver's side door? Unfortunately, it's a tune way too many of us have had to sing once or twice over the years.

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If you've ever felt personally victimized by a bad parking job and just need a laugh, trust me: You're going to want to join the Ma--hole Parking of the Day group on Facebook. You should be prepared to have a sense of humor about some of the group's posts, though.

"If you see someone that is parked like an a--hole, you post it here," the group's bio reads. "This is all in good fun and not meant to cause any emotional pain. If you can't handle sarcasm, this is NOT the group for you."

After one quick scroll through this group, it's evident that bad drivers – and bad parkers, for that matter – exist in every corner of the Bay State, from Framingham and Spencer to Westwood and Raynham. Fall River drivers even made the page a few times recently 👀

Back in May, Fall River resident Timothy Murdock got a good chuckle after someone pegged him for double-parking with a homemade parking ticket. Although he claims he wasn't taking up two spots, Murdock didn't take the light-hearted fun too seriously and was just glad it wasn't a real ticket.

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