Where do you even start when it comes to corgis? They're known for their stumpy legs, wiggly butts, and big personalities, and when it comes to their online presence, corgis seem to be all the rage right now.

Just as it seems there's a Facebook group for everything these days, there's even a group dedicated specifically to corgi owners and lovers not far from the SouthCoast.

Paula Peters started the Cape Cod Corgi Club a few years ago. Before she delved into the world of corgis, Peters owned pugs and loved getting to connect with other dog owners who could relate to the quirks of owning the same breed.

"It was just a lot of fun to get together with other people who had that same kind of ugly dog, and corgis have their own kind of quirky behaviors and stuff," Peters said. "They bark a lot. They're very busy. They herd the cats. So it's fun to be around other people who have these crazy dogs and can appreciate it."

Photo courtesy of Paula Peters

Peters has two corgis, a fluffy Pembroke Welsh corgi named Beauregard and a smooth-coated tri-color corgi named Minnie, and when she first jumped into the world of corgis, she knew she had to start a Facebook community for fellow corgi lovers on the Cape. Over the years, the group has grown to over 120 members, some of whom own corgis and others who just adore the breed. Peters said that she recalls one member of the group who didn't have a corgi but joined very early on to get connected with owners and learn more about the breed.

"He and his wife are getting their first corgi in a month, I think, and it was through being part of the group that they became familiar with other members and where, you know, they get their corgis," Peters said.

Photo courtesy of Paula Peters

Cape Cod Corgi Club, like other regional dog groups, also has occasional meet-ups for the dogs and their owners. The group's next meet-up will be on May 31 from 11 a.m. to noon at the Mashpee Commons Dog Park with a short corgi parade through the commons afterward. Find more information on the group's event page. 

Photo courtesy of Paula Peters

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