A breast cancer diagnosis, whether for oneself or a loved one, is a profound tragedy. However, this family is confronting the challenge with the resilience of an entire community.

Alyssa Turgeon-DaSilva stands at a life-altering crossroad, having recently been diagnosed with HER2-positive breast cancer. She is gearing up for the arduous journey, including chemotherapy at the renowned Dana-Farber Institute in Boston. The recommended treatment plan, though formidable, encompasses six rounds of chemotherapy, likely followed by a double mastectomy.

While this path is familiar to many, each narrative carries its unique blend of struggle and hope.

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In the midst of this formidable health battle, Alyssa—dedicated mother and building administrator at ABA Behavioral Connections—and her husband—a committed police officer—confront significant changes to their daily lives, all the while managing the emotional and financial strains that accompany such a diagnosis.

Responding to this heart-wrenching situation, the community of New Bedford has rallied in an extraordinary display of solidarity and support.

Local Chef Joe Rego, Alyssa's father Hank Turgeon, Chloe LaRose and others moved by her situation have organized a significant "spaghetti dinner" fundraiser scheduled for Tuesday, February 20th from 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM at the United Fishermen's Club on Orchard Street. Tickets are $25 each, but the United Fishermen's Club has generously provided its dining hall at no cost for this event. Various local businesses will contribute gift cards, baskets, and handmade crafts, with numerous individuals offering their services.

This gathering serves as a testament to the strength of our community—a beacon of hope for Alyssa and her family during these challenging times. The outpouring of support from her city is a tribute to the memories and legacies of friends like Brittney Tavares, who tragically succumbed to another form of breast cancer in August.

As Alyssa prepares for her treatment, New Bedford stands united with her, embodying a powerful testament to unity and compassion in times of hardship. If you have any questions or concerns, or to purchase tickets for the event, you can contact Chloe at 774-328-1759.

Contributed by Matthew Barth

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