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How Massage Therapy Benefits Breast Cancer Patients
When most people think of breast cancer treatments, chemotherapy and surgery are the first two things that typically come to mind. But a recent study has found that there are some wonderful health benefits to massage therapy as well.
Moles And Breast Cancer Share A Common Cause
Ladies, don't freak out just yet. Even if you have a mole that does not mean you will develop breast cancer but according to new couple new studies it may increase your risk of developing it.
"Women with a lot of moles are a little more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer than wer…
Life Changing Tattoos For Breast Cancer Survivors [VIDEO]
There are things in this life that most of us take completely for granted. Especially as a healthy woman, there are lots of things that just never happen to cross my mind in daily life. But when they are somehow brought to my attention, you almost wonder why you never thought of that before.
Woman On Breast Cancer Walk Gets Trapped On Drawbridge [VIDEO]
A 55-year-old woman in Fort Lauderdale, Florida had just finished a walk to raise money for breast cancer research, when she got stuck on a railroad bridge that was lifting into the air.   It was not clear why she was on the bridge, where walkers were not allowed...

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